The HUB is only available to Preschool All Stars members. 
If you're a Preschool All Star, you'll find the link to join the HUB inside the GUIDES at the top of our group (then click on 30-Day Challenge to find the link).
UPDATE: Open enrollment to the HUB will close on MONDAY, MAY 24, 2021 at midnight. If you plan on using the HUB for your preschool, you will need to join BEFORE MONDAY MAY 24 at midnight.
Set up your website in less than 1 HOUR and manage your entire preschool business in just 1 PLACE… WITHOUT getting overwhelmed with all the tech!
Tech is confusing and it causes massive anxiety, especially when you have no clue what to do, in what order, or even where to start.

And with every day that goes by, you procrastinate… overwhelmed with all the tasks ahead of you: websites, registrations, payments, oh my!

One day you get the courage to dive in, and after finally deciding to go with either ClickFunnels or Wix or Bluehost or Wordpress or Google Sites… you get stuck just minutes later. After all, trying to set up a website feels like reading an instruction manual in a different language, without the ability to flip it over to the English version. 

Reading words like domains, DNS, and hosting takes you on a Google binge, searching for definitions and how-to videos. Soon, you’re so far down the tech rabbit hole you have no clue how to get out. 

So you leave your partially completed website, determined to succeed at a simpler task. You get right to work setting up your email account, Facebook page, Facebook group, Google account, registration forms, and your PayPal payment links. 

Soon you have so many accounts set up, you don’t even remember which emails or passwords go to which. Every day, you log in to all your gazillion accounts, only to see the same results as the day before: no signups.

And you can’t help but wonder…

“If I wasn’t wasting my money on a website that wasn’t even finished… or wasting my time checking a ton of accounts…

“But instead if I spent my time and money actually working ON my business… not IN my business… I might get more signups!”

And I want you to know:

I get it!

It’s NOT YOUR FAULT that you’re struggling with the tech. The truth is: You’re trying to get too much done by yourself, and you haven’t had the right support and tools… until now!

So if you’re:

- Overwhelmed that you don’t know how to set up your website, make it look the way you want, or update it on your own

- Confused on the right website builder to choose or fed up that you’re spending too much money on your website builder

- Frustrated that don’t know all the accounts you’re supposed to have for your business or you’re wasting a ton of time logging into a bunch of different accounts

And all you want is in an “easy button” that will guide you through the process to quickly create a beautiful website and manage your entire preschool business with easy step-by-step tutorial videos and top-notch preschool support from our very own Beth Koenig…

Then I want you to pay attention, because I’m about to show you there IS a better way! 

Imagine how it would feel to FINALLY…

- Get your website completely done, up and running, and signing up kids!

- Feel confident, knowing how to make changes to your website when you want to!

- Automate your entire preschool business so it’s streamlined!

- Feel less stress because tech is no longer a thorn on your side!

- Have only one place to check each day to manage all your accounts! 

- Know, without a shadow of a doubt, that all of the systems in your business are set up correctly to generate leads, convert them into preschool families, and wow them with massive value!

- Give your preschool families a professional, user-friendly experience from the moment they see you online to the moment they enroll!

- Get support from a preschool expert instead of some random website customer service agent

Well, now you can!

A software built by preschool owners… FOR preschool owners!

Finally, you can set up your website easily AND manage your entire local and/or online preschool business in just ONE PLACE… WITHOUT getting overwhelmed, wasting time, or spending a ton of money!

Is the HUB right for YOU? You tell me!
The HUB IS right for you if you:
The HUB IS right for you if you:

- Have 0-1,000+ students
- Haven’t started teaching yet or if you’ve taught for 0-20+ years
- Don’t have a website or if you do have a website
- Want to create a successful local and/or online preschool
- Want a professional website and all your accounts in one place
- Want step-by-step training videos and our best support
- Want to fast-track your progress with a done-for-you system
- Want to use the HUB for preschool and/or any other business, too
- Want to go as fast or as slow as you like
The HUB is NOT right for you if you:
- Expect us to do 100% of the work for you

- Skip the training videos and expect to get answers immediately

- Would rather whine that it won’t work than actually put in the work

If the HUB is right for YOU... keep reading!
And when all our Preschool All Stars join the HUB, you won’t be confused anymore when you ask website or tech questions in the group. 

Instead of trying to support 10 different website builders, we will have ONE LANGUAGE to communicate to each other and get support from one another… because if you don’t know the answer, I bet your fellow HUB sister does! 

In the HUB, you can: 

- Build your website
- Advertise your preschool
- Register students
- Collect payments
- Communicate with parents
- Deliver preschool classes to students… 
- And a whole lot more!

Truly, it’s the “One Stop Preschool Shop” that has EVERYTHING you need in ONE PLACE!
Check out EVERYTHING you get in the HUB! 

It has pre-done automations and templates specific to preschool, but the HUB can be used for any business! (And no matter how many businesses you have... you only need 1 HUB!)

$997/mo. value!

$197/mo. to the public... 

Now just $97/mo. (or $970/yr. to save 2 months FREE!) for Preschool All Star members who join in their first 30 days of becoming a member! (Keep that low rate of just $97/mo. for as long as you're a Preschool All Star!)
Build your professional website
 -Get unlimited domains, websites, pages, and member’s areas 
 -Build from scratch if you like, or:
 -Set up your website with our editable templates, or:
 -Import your ClickFunnels website with 1 click, or:
 -Copy your non-ClickFunnels website with a few steps
 -Create any website you like, even if it’s not preschool related (including blogs or product pages)

Communicate with leads
 -Chat immediately with potential preschool families via a chat button on your website
 -Collect email addresses to start the dialogue in case they don't sign up right away
 -Send automated follow-up emails that warm them up to sign up with you

Register students easily
 -Use internal registration forms to sign up students - it saves their contact info in the HUB
 -Send automated welcome emails after they register without doing anything

Collect payments on autopilot using Stripe
 -Collect registration fees, tuition, kit fees, and more (you can sell anything!)
 -Choose from one-time payments, recurring payments, payment plans, and more 
 -Sell anything you like, even if it’s not preschool related

Communicate with parents (to entire class or just one parent) 
 -Send emails, texts, and/or Facebook messages with just 1 click 
 -Send automated email newsletters so parents are never in the dark
 -Send out parent surveys to get feedback on your program

Create custom member’s areas
 -"Lock down" your content and choose which classes can see certain videos or content
 -Upload videos directly into member’s area so you don't need "embed" codes
 -Create a resource area with all your programs that add value (add links, logins, downloads, videos, files, etc.)
 -"Drip feed" if you like some content so a parent will get it every 7, 14, or 30 days, etc. (You choose # of days to drip)
 -Sell your knowledge by creating a how-to course, even if it’s not preschool related

Automate your entire preschool business
 -Let the HUB do the work for you so you can make money while you're sleeping!
 -Automate your registrations, payments, communication, processes, and more
 -Save tons of time

Schedule appointments from your website
 -Schedule tours, PTCs, tutoring, consultations, assessments, and more

Manage your family and student data
 -Save all registration form data in one place so you know how to access it immediately
 -Keep notes on children's assessments, immunizations, allergies, etc.

 -Assign teachers to their students so they can manage the communication with their class

Keep a pulse on your business’s health
 -Optimize your site for SEO to get ranked at the top of Google
 -Monitor your Facebook and Google ads so you always know how they're performing
 -See your online reviews and Facebook comments so you can immediately respond
 -Check out your Google Analytics so you can see how many visitors came to your website

Get top-notch preschool support
 -Watch step-by-step training videos: watch video #1, do task #1, etc. - don't skip steps
 -Ask Preschool All Stars group if you still have questions (Preschool All Stars members only)
 -Attend Tech Tuesday for direct access to Beth's help (Preschool All Stars members only)
 -Get email support from our Preschool System team within 24 hrs.

Funny story… in the past 2 months, our Preschool All Stars asked us over 621 questions, about what the HUB could or couldn’t do, and how it would work for them. We were so excited to reply “YES it can do that!” to 619 questions! It could do EVERYTHING they wanted… except 2 things: parent sign in/sign out… and coupon codes. And we’re working hard over here to ensure we can get THOSE 2 in the HUB too, haha! When we say it does EVERYTHING you need… we mean it!

In fact... We're So Confident You'll LOVE THE HUB that We Wanted to Show You Exactly How it Stacked Side by Side its Competitors! Quite frankly... there ARE no competitors who can do exactly what the HUB can do for your business!
And you'll ALSO GET these 3 BONUSES!

BONUS #1: Done-For-You High-Converting Website & Lead Page Templates
If you think you can do it on your own for free… you might be right! 

But what you forget in that scenario is that the longer it takes you to create a high-converting website, the longer it takes to actually sign up more students. And don’t forget to add in the anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm that is sure to come as you try to figure things out on your own. And if you’re stressed out for a long time because you’re not getting any students, you’re likely to give up on your dream of creating a successful preschool.

I don’t want that to happen, so that’s why I created your website for you! I know that the faster you set up your website and move on, the faster you can get money in your bank account! 

With our professional, easy to use templates inside the HUB, all you have to do is add your logo, change a few words and prices for your own preschool, and you’re done! Of course, if you want to customize it with different colors, fonts, pictures, or styles, you can do that too! Or if you want to build your website from scratch, our website builder can do that easily! And finally, if you already have a website, you can add it to the HUB with 1 click (if using ClickFunnels) or rebuild it in just a few steps!

These templates use the EXACT same wording and processes that you should use on your own website, because it converts! (In fact, they have the very same wording I used on my website that signed up 1,000+ students!)

I even added 2 new lead page templates so you can collect email addresses from families interested in your preschool! That way you can follow up with them and start the conversation to sign up!

Finally! You can sleep peacefully knowing that your website is finished and it is actually working FOR you, day in, day out!
BONUS #2: Quick Step-by-Step Training Videos 
If you think you’re not tech savvy… you’re going to have a rough time trying to do this on your own!

After all, there are at least 10 different accounts you will need to set up to create your website AND manage your preschool business… and they’re not cheap… or user friendly! If you do happen to figure out how to set up all your accounts, you’ll be stuck checking them all daily, wasting precious time you could have spent on signing up students, teaching, or spending time with your family!

That’s why I don’t recommend anyone do this on their own. Tech is confusing, makes you think you’re stupid, and makes you want to quit! And if you’re lost while you’re trying to set up your website or manage your preschool, imagine how your potential preschool families will feel as they try to navigate a bunch of links!

I want you to stay in momentum and not get stuck, so that’s why we created the HUB in the first place. It removes all the stress out of the tech! 

To help you set up your HUB quickly, Beth filmed 20 tiny step-by-step training videos to walk you through every single process of setting up your HUB, from setting up your website to adding in your accounts to connecting any missing pieces!

BONUS #3: Done-For-You Preschool Forms, Emails, and Automation Campaigns
If you think you don’t have the time… you’re going to continue to “not have the time” forever.

After all, you’ve heard the popular quote from Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So the only way to get a different result is to change what you’re doing.

If you want more time in your life to do the things you want to do, then spend a little time now setting up your website and automating all your processes, so you can save tons of time later. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a successful business! 

I know it’s not the sexy part of the business, but trust me: you’ll love logging in to just one place, signing up more students, and seeing your bank account rising each month! 

To help you save even more time, we set up all your automations for you inside the HUB! With just 1 click, your entire business is automated! We have entire automation campaigns already set up and ready to run to collect email addresses, follow-up with potential parents, register students, collect payments, join the member’s area, and more!

On top of that, we even put together the following for local and/or online preschools: registration forms, lead follow-up email campaigns, and registered student welcome emails!

We’ve done 90% of the work already with our done-for-you templates and custom preschool campaigns uploaded to your account… you just need to set up a few accounts and customize to your liking. 

But don't just take my word for it!
"Before the HUB, I was paying $97/mo. for just my website. Now I only pay $67/mo. and I get so much more with the HUB!" - Melitta
"When you level up with the HUB, it’s already there for you. It can already handle any expected growth that you hope to have in the future.” - Natalie
"I don’t know how I lived without the HUB! Everything is in ONE spot! Do you understand how BIG that is!? That is huge! It’s a game changer!” - Ashley
"I completed 3 websites in 1 week with the HUB!" - Jameisha
"Before the HUB, I didn't know where to communicate to parents. Now everything is in one place!" - Safaa
"I'm not tech savvy at all, but I'm able to easily do a lot of it." - Faye
"I love that I can add 'bump products' to let parents sign up for additional classes when they are registering." - Miranda
"Before the HUB, I was ready to give up on my preschool because I didn't know how to make my website. After I joined the HUB, I got my website done within days!" - Samico
"It's very easy to change things on your website!" - Amy
"Before the HUB, I was trying to manage Google Sheets, Google Forms, Facebook Ads, Instagram, AND an international class online... now it's all in one area! It's a godsend!" - Kristen
"I finished my HUB! I'm so proud of myself! It looks so professional!" - Amanda
"Before the HUB, I didn't know who to contact for customer service or how to get help with my website... now I just ask All Stars and the team! They're so helpful!" - Madiha
Frequently Asked Questions
What do we need to complete before joining the HUB?
Nothing. You can join the HUB immediately to lock in your rate. If you haven’t gone through any foundational steps, we’ll remind you at that time to do those first. (After all, it’s hard to build a website if you don’t know what your preschool name is!)
Are there any extra costs for the HUB (like hosting)?
NO. Everything in the HUB (including hosting) is included for free, with the following 3 exceptions: GoDaddy charges $12/yr. for a domain if you need one, Twilio charges a less than a penny fee if you choose to send a text, and Stripe charges a processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 for each payment you receive. (Those are common fees, and we encourage you to increase your tuition or registration fees to offset those fees.)
What payment processor do you use to collect payments in the HUB?

STRIPE. It’s used by hundreds of thousands of businesses (including Preschool System) and is proven. It’s much better than PayPal, and we don’t recommend using Zelle or Venmo or CashApp for running a business. (Technically you can use PayPal if you want, but we don’t recommend it.)
Can I sell other things like kits, tutoring, consultations, books, t-shirts, or anything else?

YES. You can sell ANYTHING on the HUB, even if it has nothing to do with preschool!
What if I haven’t started teaching yet… or if I don’t have a website? Do I need the HUB?

YES. Every preschool needs a website and needs to manage their business, so it’s not a matter of IF you’ll join the HUB… it’s a matter of WHEN! And you’ll save time and money by joining NOW.
Is it easy to move over my existing website?
If you have a ClickFunnels website, we can do it in 1 click. If you have any other website builder, then you just right click and save the images, select and copy all text, then paste it into one of our templates or even build a new site from scratch if you like. We have video trainings for each of these steps.
Can I keep my existing domain .com?
YES. If you already have one you like we can connect that to one of your HUB websites. If you don’t have a domain, you can get a new one with GoDaddy.
What if I’ve had my preschool for a long time? Do I need the HUB?

YES. To be on the cutting edge and to stay competitive, you need the best systems for your business and for your preschool families. Imagine how many processes you can automate, how much time you can save, and how much you can improve your business?
How do I switch my current parents over to the HUB?

You can either let the previous parents eventually age out of your programs when they graduate and then sign up all new parents through the HUB. OR, my suggestion is to set up the HUB, communicate the changes to your parents, and give them the new links. They will appreciate the better systems! Then you can send them a new payment link and a member’s area link. You can manually add in your existing students into the HUB database as well for easy management.
What if I have teachers? Can they access the HUB?

YES. You can assign classes to them so they can manage their own classes if you like.
Joy, will you change your opinion about the HUB and switch us to a different platform in a few months?

NO. I only invest my time and resources into the best available tools for you. In 2009, that was Bluehost. In 2018, that was ClickFunnels. In 2021 and for the future, it is the HUB. 
How do I get support?
We’ve created the best support you could ask for. Please do your part by FIRST watching the step-by-step training videos, and then if you still have questions, you can get support in THIS ORDER: 1. ask questions in the Preschool All Stars group, 2. attend Tech Tuesday with Beth, 3. email
Can you use the HUB for businesses purposes outside of preschool?

YES. It’s customized for preschool with our pre-done templates and automation campaigns, but you can create ANY website and sell ANY thing and manage ANY business inside the HUB!
Can I cancel the HUB at anytime, and what about Preschool All Stars?
YES you can cancel anytime. Preschool All Stars and the HUB memberships are 2 separate entities, but when you have both you get our best support and tools. If you cancel the HUB, you will lose access to your website(s) and any data from your HUB. You would need to move your website(s) and all data from the HUB before cancelling. Once you cancel, your HUB is deleted. You can cancel Preschool All Stars and/or the HUB and/or both at any time.  If you ever decide to cancel Preschool All Stars (but want to keep the HUB), that is fine but you will lose access to the Preschool All Stars group and Tech Tuesday for support. You will still have email support from our team. To cancel, simply email
Can I do this on my phone or tablet or iPad?
NO. You need to use a laptop or desktop computer or Chromebook to set up your website and your HUB. Plus, real businesses don't run off phones/tablets/iPads, so find a laptop or desktop computer or Chromebook to use and eventually invest in one for your business. (It's tax deductible, too!)
Can parents access the HUB on their phone as an app?
NO. The HUB is not for your parents... it's for YOU the business owner. You can give them a link to a member's area which is mobile friendly but it is not an app.
If the HUB increases its membership fee in the future, will my price go up?
NO. Whatever you choose today is what you're locking in for the future. The HUB is sure to increase in price over time, but you can secure this amazing deal now forever because your price will never increase. 
Do I get immediate access to the HUB after I join?
You'll get immediate access to the training videos to set up your website and your HUB. However, it does take us up to 24 hours to set up your HUB account, so please be patient. We will notify you via email when it's ready to login, and at that time you can jump right in and start building your HUB!
Can I move from a monthly payment to a yearly payment at any time?
NO.  If you want to choose the annual option in the future, you will need to join at that annual price option at that time. So if you can afford it, I highly encourage you to get 2 months FREE by choosing the annual option NOW. (I've had my website builders for 11 years now and I won't ever cancel because my website = money!) :)
Time Is of the Essence...
Here’s why…

The HUB is only open for 30 days to Preschool All Stars. We will close the doors to the public for another 6 months. Also, I can't have a zillion people flood into the HUB. We want to be able to support you with excellent service, after all. At any time, we reserve the right to close the doors early if we feel we have too many members.

If you see the order form, the doors are open, so hurry and jump in!
Here is my "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you will love everything you're going to get inside the HUB. If for any reason you don't feel that you got more than your money's worth, then just email my support team within 30 days of joining the HUB at and we'll give you back your money, no questions asked. 

I'm positive you'll love it, though, because I ALWAYS over deliver, and the HUB is no different. It's just one more way we're going above and beyond to help you find success. 

Sound fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Join the Challenge Before All The Spots Are Gone…
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to see you inside the challenge! You're just one step away from staying home with your kids, creating a consistent income, and making a difference in children's lives! Pretty soon I'll be sharing YOUR success story here!

Joy Anderson 
PS: In case you just skipped to the bottom of the letter, here's the deal:

When you join the HUB today, you'll get immediate access to the training videos to set up your website and your HUB. It does take us up to 12 hours to set up your HUB account, so please be patient. 

The HUB is a monthly recurring membership, and is available to the public at $197/mo. When you join Preschool All Stars, you can get it during your first 30 days for just just $97/mo. (or $970/yr. to get 2 months FREE!) and you can keep that low rate for as long as you're a Preschool All Star member! Cancel anytime by contacting

We're closing the doors soon for this round of the HUB, though, so hurry and fill out the order form below right now to join the HUB! 
Just $47/mo.
or $470/yr. (get 2 months FREE + BONUS 3-hr. Workshop with Joy!)
Upgrade Now & Save!
We Respect Your Privacy & Information.
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